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Why the Collaborative Law Training Group?

Why choose Collaborative Law Training Group?Not all trainings are alike. And selecting the right training is not like buying an unbranded commodity. Here are some things that set the trainings of the Seattle Collaborative Law Training Group apart from the others.

Professional Training.

Our curricula are carefully and creatively designed by professionals with education and experience developing curricula for adult education. From start to finish, we combine concepts and information, demonstrations, and interactions, to maximize your learning and whet your appetite for more.

Experienced Practitioners.

The trainers of the Seattle Collaborative Law Training Group practice what they teach. They are practicing Collaborative professionals who have collectively participated in hundreds of cases. They know the nuances and the practical. That expertise comes through in their enthusiasm and proficiency. Stories and examples of real cases – successes as well as failures – abound to inform and enrich your learning experience.

Experience a Full Collaborative Law Team.

There is no better way to begin to understand how the team concept works in Collaborative Law than to see it in action. Our Basic Collaborative Law training employs a full Collaborative Law professional team – two lawyers, a financial specialist, and a divorce coach – allowing you to experience the inner workings of a core team.

Fun and Interesting.

Each of your trainers has spent many an hour sitting through many a training and agreed that the best learning comes with a certain amount of laughter and fun. They are just as careful to build in levity and fun as they are with the facts. They have a unique gift of making sure they engage their audience.

Don’t Just Believe Us.

Don’t just believe us. Instead, check our reviews and talk with former attendees. You’ll quickly learn that there really is a difference.

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What people say…

“What a great training! You stimulated us and taught a better means of doing what we do.”

“I’m a convert! Thank you so much for making me excited about my practice again.”

“Probably the best CLE I’ve ever attended.”

“Reinvigorating, encouraging, skill building.”

“Thoughtful and intellectually challenging.”

“Most comprehensive and coordinated info to date.”

“Lots of information and not overwhelming”

“This has really opened my eyes…”

“A great training!”

“You are training rock stars!!”